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Child Sexual Abuse

child sexual abuse
child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse is a pressing issue in society today. Moreover, statistically, there is a considerable increase in the number of cases related to juvenile sex abuse over the past decade. Most cases report the abuser as a close family member or a family friend rather than a stranger.

Future Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse-

  1. A sexually abused child is likely to develop severe mental health conditions and has major difficulties coping with as an adult. Therefore, one of the most common disorders affecting survivors of child sexual abuse is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Significantly, this involves the individual reliving the trauma all his/her life – thus leading to panic, stress, and difficulties living a healthy life in the longer run.
  2. Consequently, it is normal for the individuals abused as a child to suffer from very low self-esteem. They continue to blame themselves for the events that occurred and hence have a rather demeaning view of themselves. Thus, this leads to adjustment issues in the future.
  3. They also have a diagnosis of clinical depression owing to the previous trauma. Accordingly, this hampers the everyday functioning of the individual. The individual continues to relive the past traumatic events that further fuel their depression and eventually contribute to the vicious cycle.

Other consequences:

  1. Most often, survivors of child sexual abuse have a rather impulsive nature due to impulse control’s hampered functioning. Subsequently, they have lesser control over their emotions, especially anger, and rather quick to act.
  2. Because of all the complications, there is a good chance that they become socially competent. Thus, they fail to build firm peer relationships. Therefore they grow up to be adults with severe trust issues. Hence, often sidelined because of their cynicism which leads to further depressive symptoms.
  3. By definition, Genophobia or Coitophobia is the abnormal fear of sex.  It is another complication that sexually abused kids go on to experience as adults.  They usually avoid sexual intercourse altogether. Otherwise, they sometimes engage in sexual activities that come across as rather violent in nature. Some survivors also develop certain sexual fetishes that can be rather dangerous; the most common is ‘pedophilia’ or the sexual arousal involving prepubescent children.


In conclusion, the seriousness of Child Sexual Abuse is often undermined. In treatment, various therapeutic techniques are used according to the need and ages of the patient. For example, psychiatrists and therapists promote positive thinking among the sufferers in many National Institutes, including NIMHANS. Thus, it becomes easy for them to accept their past and move on in life with a better outlook. With proper guidance and help, and sometimes medications, the individuals overcome their mental health issues and live a wholesome life.