Services Offered

Services Offerred

Firstly, there are many services offered in our group of Mindss Neurolinks clinics – a part of Antahkarana Clinic.

What is an evaluation?

At this time, outpatient evaluation and treatment as per guidelines, for children above the age of seven (7) years, adolescents, young and older adults, and those in the geriatric age group is done. Therefore, patients to whom services are offered, usually have mental health disorders and treatments are available in the Clinic.

What are the things happening after an evaluation?

After an initial assessment and depending on the person’s needs, he or she is further evaluated. Moreover, this evaluation includes blood tests or imaging studies like CT or MRI scans.

What are the Different Services Offered?

Firstly, a list of Services Offered and Service Charges:

No.Service OfferedCost
1.First Consultation – Firstly, a detailed intake with assessment and advice lasting 20 minutes on average. Medication expenses are not included in the first consultation and are charged extra. Patients may opt-out of buying medications dispensed by our doctor, in which case a prescription will be provided.Rs.600
2.Follow-up Consultation – Secondly, for progress in treatment and to chart the course of treatment. A 10 minutes follow-up medication check and modification, if necessary. Medication expenses are not included in follow-up consultation as well, and they are charged extra i.e. in addition to the doctor’s fees. Patients may also prefer to buy medicines elsewhere.Rs.300
3.Counseling or Therapy session – At times, the type of therapy is determined by the therapist or the counselor and maybe about 20-30 minutes in length.Rs.500
4.Couple’s Counseling OR Family Counseling Session – Couple’s counseling for relationship issues, intimacy issues, or problems related to sexual intercourse in men or women or both, resulting in infertility or dissatisfaction in sexual functioning will be given appropriate counseling and suggestions for improvement. Nevertheless, medications may be necessary. Therefore, family counseling involving conflicts in the family, de-addiction requiring family support are treated with counseling and/or medications for individual family members may come up during sessions.Rs.1,000
5.Second Opinion – If you require to consult the doctor for a second opinion, i.e. second advice after a consultation with another Psychiatrist or Neuropsychiatrist, we provide a FREE consultation. As a pre-condition, you are requested to kindly bring all the documents from your previous psychiatrist/s or neurologist/s and/or other specialists, especially their prescriptions or medications.FREE
Important Note: Services Offered for Consultation and Consultation Fees DO NOT include the cost of medications or medicines