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Welcome Home to Mental Health

ಅಂತಃಕರಣ ಕ್ಲಿನಿಕ್ – ಮೈಂಡ್ಸ್ ನ್ಯೂರೊಲಿಂಕ್ಸ್

Welcome Home to Mental Health and Wellness.

You are Home Welcome to Mental Health and Wellness.

Firstly, at MINDSS NEUROLINKS – An Antahkarana Clinic venture, our experience is coupled with genuine concern for our patients as our mission. Welcome, Home to Mental Health and Wellness. Similarly, this includes their caregivers also. Therefore, that begets the best results for the entire family. In addition, our staff is dedicated to your gradual recovery, comfort, and prompt attention to detail. So, welcome to Mental Health and Wellness, which are right here.

Therefore, we are rated as the best and most trusted mental health, wellness, and de-addiction specialists. Thus, this is especially so in and around the Davangere area in Karnataka, INDIA. However, our online consultations have reached far and wide across various parts of our country and abroad. Clients consult us from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, Kuwait, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, United Arab Emirates(Dubai), United Kingdom, and the US of A. In addition, you can book an offline consultation here.

However, we prioritize online booking over walk-ins to the Clinics. Moreover, our doctors are among the best available clinicians in mental health. Also, they are most trusted and experienced in medicinal and psychological treatments. Therefore, we again welcome you home to Mental Health and Wellness.

Therefore, we are confident that our doctors’ unique experiences will benefit your overall health.

Welcome, Home. Welcome to Mental Health and Wellness.


Mental Health and Wellness Conditions that we treat:

Firstly, Mental Health and Wellness problems for counseling and medication therapy for adolescents, adults, and older people.

Secondly, Behavioral Disturbances

Also, children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Similarly, Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Also, Genetic Syndromes in children and resulting Behavioral Issues with Treatments.

Bullying (Ragging or Hazing) at school or in other settings


Moreover, our Outpatient Services (including counseling and medication assistance)

For instance, Unresolved Grief and Bereavement.

After that, Psychotherapy and Counseling for individuals, families, and couples.

Also, Children with Hyperactivity and concentration problems or memory problems.

Ultimately, Prescribed Psychiatric Medication, i.e., Psychopharmacy.

Welcome, Home to our Other Mental Health and Wellness Services:

Usually, other Mental Illnesses are indicated by loss of baseline functionality. It could be either at work (loss) or school (poor academic performance)

Also, during Psychiatric Emergencies like Acting out Possession syndromes OR Anger Outbursts.

Similarly, Risk Assessment in Mental Health Crisis Situations

Importantly, History & Physical Examination in the context of mental health issues

Diagnostic Studies and Psychometric Evaluation, if necessary

Consultation and Counseling regarding Diagnosis and further Management

Developmental Disabilities

Likewise, in Pain Medicine, after a thorough evaluation and review of previous treatments.

Clinical Neurosciences

Finally, Primary Mental Health Care

Consultation-Liaison in Health and Wellness (in collaboration with other primary care physicians/specialists):

Neurology and Neuropsychiatric sequelae of core neurologic conditions.

Outpatient Psychiatry – is our main focus.

Forensic Psychiatry

Emergency Psychiatry with referrals to the hospitals of your choice for admissions in Acute Crisis

Management of habit-forming substances and beverages.

At times, Community Psychiatry includes home visits if deemed necessary

Health Law & Ethics

Often, HR Management and office-related problems

Health Information Technology, including online consultations

Importantly, Preventive Mental health & Social Medicine

Finally, Community Medicine and behavioral health issues

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Hello! Kindly use this tool to book online appointments for a consultation in our Antahkarana clinics.

Mental Health Appointments booked online will be prioritized over walk-in consultations.

We look forward to seeing you. Have a great day!

What does a mental health specialist OR a psychiatrist do?

Psychiatrists assess all of your mental health and physical symptoms. In addition, we also make diagnoses and provide treatment for recovery and wellness. And work with you individually. This is for developing a management plan for your treatment and recovery.

Psychiatric physicians or mental health providers provide psychological treatment. However, our primary area is that we are into prescribing medications.

As part of their work, a mental health professional – called a psychiatrist can:

Firstly, we provide urgent mental health care for sudden mental health problems and illnesses

Also, help you to manage a long-term mental health condition

Also, advise on lifestyle changes

Nevertheless, work with you individually or with you and your partner, family, or caregivers.

Further, provide second opinions and advice to other doctors and health professionals.

In some cases, we refer you to other health professionals

Lastly, we may have to admit you to the hospital if required.

Nevertheless, you can learn more on our blog or our FAQs page.

How can you reach us (Feel welcome at Mental Health and Wellness)

Firstly, the majority of consumers and providers of mental health care were in favor of introducing appointments. However, despite their satisfaction with the existing walk-in system, respondents saw many advantages in the appointment system in our clinics. Hence, they included time-saving, reducing clinic crowds, and guaranteeing a time slot. In conclusion, the main perceived disadvantage was the limitation of accessibility to patients, especially with acute conditions.

However, acute conditions and emergencies are not common in psychiatric practice. Hence, the main organizational advantages and disadvantages were perceived by care providers. Nonetheless, they were related to follow-ups of chronic patients, no-shows, and late arrivals.

In reality, most patients preferred appointments in the afternoon and could obtain an appointment over the telephone. However, we certainly encourage you to contact us by email, over the phone, or by sending us a message through the website so we can revert to you. Clinic Appointments are booked by clicking the link here.

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Again, welcome to Mental Health and Wellness. If you Need Help with your or your family/friends’ Mental health, we are here.