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Our community’s emotional health is of the utmost importance to our team.

First and foremost, at MINDSS NEUROLINKS – An Antahkarana Clinic venture it is our experience coupled with genuine concern for our patients. Similarly, this includes, their caregivers also – that begets the best results for the entire family. In addition, our staff is dedicated to your gradual recovery, comfort and prompt attention to detail.

Understandably, we are rated as the best and most trusted mental health and de-addiction specialists. Thus, this is especially so in and around Davangere area in Karnataka, INDIA. However, due to our online consultations, we have reached far and wide across various parts of the country. Nonetheless, our doctors are among the best available and are most trusted and experienced in all types of medicinal and psychological treatments

Therefore, we are very confident that our doctors’ unique experiences will absolutely be an asset to YOUR overall health. Welcome to Mental Wellness.

In brief, Yes, you have finally arrived.


    Meet my associates

    Meet my associates

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    Conditions that we treat:

    I like to personalize my services to every single, different and unique person's needs

    • Mental Disorders for counseling
    • Behavioral Disturbances
    • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
    • Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Genetic Syndromes in children and resulting Behavioral Issues with Treatments
    • Bullying (Ragging or Hazing) at school or other settings
    • Epilepsy/Seizures/Fits
    • Outpatient Services (including counseling and medication assistance)
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation (depression, anxiety, panic and other related disorders counseling)
    • Unresolved Grief and Bereavement
    • Psychotherapy and Counseling for individuals, family, couples
    • Children with Hyperactivity and concentration problems or memory problems
    • Psychoanalysis
    • Prescribed Psychiatric Medication i.e. Psycho-pharmacy

    Other Psychiatric Services:

    • After Mental Illness indicated by loss of baseline functionality. It could be either at work (loss) or at school (poor academic performance)
    • During Psychiatric Emergencies like Acting out OR Posession syndromes OR Anger Outbursts
    • Risk Assessment in Mental Health Crisis Situations
    • History & Physical Examination in the context of mental health issues
    • Diagnostic Studies and Psychometric Evaluation, if necessary
    • Consultation and Counseling regarding Diagnosis and further Management
    • Developmental Disabilities
    • Likewise, Pain Medicine, after a thorough evaluation and review of previous treatments
    • Clinical Neurosciences
    • Finally, Primary Mental Health Care

    Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (in collaboration with other primary care physicians/specialists):

    • Neurology and Neuropsychiatric sequalae of core neurologic conditions.
    • Outpatient Psychiatry – is our main fous
    • Forensic Psychiatry
    • Emergency Psychiatry with referrals to the hospitals of your choice for admissions in Acute Crisis
    • Alcohol misuse and abuse including Illicit Substance Abuse like ganja, apheem, cigarettes or tobacco, etc,.
    • At times, Community Psychiatry including home visits if deemed necessary
    • Health Law & Ethics
    • Often, HR Management and office related problems
    • Health Information Technology including online consultations
    • Importantly, Preventive Mental health & Social Medicine
    • Finally, Community Medicine and behavioral health issues

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